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2016 Region 7 Contest in Albert Lea (MN)

NEW GLIDER ~ July 3, 2016 ~ ASW-27B

Taken from the top of Mount Horeb at the 2013 OLC Event in Nephi (UT)

Aviation Related Presentations
and Information
I have created several presentations on soaring and aviation related topics such as avionics wiring, emergency devices, oxygen systems, transceiver troubleshooting, trailer wiring and more.

See this web page for more details.

Soaring Related Web Links
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Miscellaneous interesting files can be found here

My Old DG-101G ELAN Sailplane Page

SOLD 2016! Various pictures of my previously owned DG-101G ELAN (and a great home built trailer). What a fun, safe, ship to fly!

Soaring Videos
Here are a few interesting soaring movies for your viewing pleasure. See this web page for more details.

Naviter Oudie Flight Computer
My favorite hand held flight computer of all time is the Naviter Oudie which is based on the SeeYou mobile software. Naviter is the maker of the SeeYou software for viewing flight logs in 2D or 3D on your PC. It is also useful for waypoint file management and task planning. See this web page for more Oudie information.

Car Laptop Desk
Great for retrieves! I built a simple laptop desk for the passenger's seat. It incorporates lighting, a 12Vdc power strip and a 110Vac inverter. I use it with a Delorme GPS system for retrieves. See this web page for more details and pictures.