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For Sale: Naviter Oudie, SeeYou Mobile and Accessories. This unit is in perfect shape.

To me the Oudie with SeeYou Mobile is the nicest and easiest to use of the portal units on the market. This unit comes with the latest versions of SeeYou Mobile and ConnectMe software, Illinois maps, airspace and turnpoints. It is direct sunlight readable (which beat the heck out of my old HP PDA). The Oudie produces a flight tracking file so that you can review your flights in SeeYou (desktop) or other software.

Included with the Oudie are all the items you see in the attached image;

  • Cradle
  • Suction cup mount
  • 12Vdc Power cabling (for ship's power)
  • USB charger cable
  • AC charger
  • SeeYou Mobile Software (licensed for as long as you own the unit)
  • Manual
  • Original shipping box
  • Padded carry case

I will help you in any way I can to get you started with the Oudie.

Important Notes: This is the Oudie 1 (original) which was replaced with the Oudie 2 which has a slightly brighter screen - both are full sunlight readable. The Naviter power/data cable is replaced in this package with a 12Vdc power cable to connect to ship's battery - the power/data cable is only necessary if you want to connect the Oudie to another GPS source such as a flight computer (Cambridge, LX, FLARM, etc). For longer flights you do need an external power source such as from ship's power or one of the portable USB power packs. The Oudie's flight files can be used to review the flight, and for the vast majority of regional contests, but are not IGC compliant for SSA badges (neither is the Oudie 2, only the Oudie IGC is compliant).

Asking $250 with free shipping to continental US locations

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