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Glider Related Videos

Sky Soaring Promo Video - Video compilation taken and produced by a club member.

Pathe News Reels - Here are some glider related news reels from the British Pathe organization dating back to the 1920's. News reels provided images of the news of the day to the movie going public. This was before the advent of TV news programming. Most of the videos are British, some are Nazi pre-WWII vintage, and some are US based. Click here to download the videos.

Glider Music Videos - I have created a YouTube Playlist of glider videos that I have come across which are set to music (A.K.A Glider Music Videos). Many thanks to the contributors.

These are great to show to the non-glider-flying public. They are better than videos with a sound track comprised mainly of the drone of an audio vario. They also make a great backdrop before/after meetings, seminars, contests, etc. Enjoy!

My Videos
Videos that I have created are below
Glider on Tow - Video taken in 2008 at Sky Soaring Glider Club. It shows a tow from takeoff to release reduced from ~10 minutes to ~2 minutes. All set to music!
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Glider Following Glider - Video taken in 2007 of my landing in my DG-101G ELAN just behind my friend's DG-300 glider at Sky Soaring Glider Club outside of Chicago. It is an interesting take on what a glider landing looks like and I think that it is unique.
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