Lightning Strikes Twice!

The old adage is that lightning doesn't strike twice in the same place. Well, it certainly isn't true in this case!

These are photographs of the aftermath of the second lightning strike to the same tree in our backyard in West Dundee, IL (unincorporated). This struck on March 30, 2016 around 7PM to a 100 foot tall popular tree. I had just walked out the back door to the deck while grilling and there was a deafening BOOM and debris came raining down. Wow.

A lightning strike will instantly vaporize the sap into steam which then blows a significant amount of the bark off the tree. Pieces of the bark were found flung 225 feet away from the tree. The tree was seen to be steaming after the strike.

This same tree was previously struck approximately 10 years ago which caused similar damage which we discovered in the morning. It never significantly affected the life of the tree. Maybe this tree has saved nearby houses from damage! Twice!

I think that we will rename this tree "Ben Franklin"!

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Lightning reaching ground level, disturbing the earth and traveling along a root for 20 feet.

Debris spiked into the ground.

Debris at 50 feet.

Debris at 100 feet.

Debris at 200+ feet.

Next images are from a previous lightning strike approximately 10 years ago. Now healed. As far as we know, this didn't harm the tree.